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I got a bottle at the beginning of the summer from you at the Grand Junction Farmer's Market.  My mom's elderly 14 yr. old Aussie has been taking it since then and she's doing unbelievable.  She has hip issues and was hardly getting around.  After a few months on this oil, she prances, gallops, and plays with our new puppy. Of which just standing used to be hard for her.  Thank you for what you've created and helping out our family member.

Thank you! I'm so grateful for this "little" company and the effort they put into their products.

As a rock climber I love the topical creams! They absorb quickly and my skin doesn't feel oily. They work great for massaging my joints because of the anti-inflammatory properties. I have also been taking the CBD oil orally and it has helped alleviate tension in my joints better than any other supplement I have tried in the past. Absolutely love all the products I have tried and will continue to use them.
Caleb J.

I could write a book on my experiences, as well as friends' success stories. This company has their heart and soul into helping people. All I can say is, it has been a life changing experience for me and those who have opened their minds to these products and what they can do to balance our bodies. Thank you LFCHC.
Fran N.

My mother has severe back pain. Upon a visit to Colorado, she tried this product. This is the only thing that she has had that eliminated her pain. Very impressed with this product and can not wait to purchase more. Thank you!
Sara P.

I've tried multiple CBD products and yours is by far the best! The long term benefits as an anti inflammatory have been evident in my surgically repaired knee as well as using it to treat more immediate needs such as headaches and the occasional hang over. I've given it to my pets and have seen it help with nausea and calming them on long car rides. One of the best things about your product is the taste! Other products I have tried have had a bitter medicinal taste where as yours I look forward to taking daily! Thank you for this product!! I've been spreading the word like wildfire because I truly believe everyone could benefit from taking your product. I can also tell that you truly care about your mission and that every bottle is made with love! Thanks again and keep it up!
Jamie N.

I love the Glow! Well I love it all but Glow is rocking my world right now! Thank you ladies for creating an amazing product for total body care, from the inside to the outside!
Laura R.

I had a terrible eye infection. Peggy suggested I mix CBD with colloidal silver and water and spray the mixture on my eye. I tried it and the next morning I was so scared. My eye was terribly swollen and oozing. I waited a couple days and tried again. Voila!!! My eye started healing rapidly. I'm amazed and so pleased! Thanks for a great product and great advice!!!!
Cheryl H.

I'm in love with this product. I keep a bottle in purse so I can use it all day. It really helps with shoulder and neck pain. I especially use it around that time of month for cramps. It works better then ibuprofen or Tylenol. It's a miracle in a bottle!
Lindsay N.

AMAZING products - I am a huge fan! Love the way my skin is so juicy and healthy. Thank you!
Elizabeth D.

Just started my oil and for the first time in 15 yrs I feel like me again and better ! Taste is grand ! Thank you !!
Ruth P.

I have been using cbd oil now for several months. In the past I have several sever injuries to my neck and pelvis. The cbd oil has helped me tremendously I would highly recommend it to everyone. I am feeling 100% better still have a ways to go but it's worth it. Thank you Peggy.
Charlie K.